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excitement =/= interesting

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May. 31st, 2010 | 02:41 am

~dad got in a motorcycle wreck but is doing fine. little banged up and will be off work for a while (with adam playing nurse) but he'll make a full recovery.
~still unemployed. fucking seasons change is like a cancer on my resume.
~still single. i'll never understand women... or their distaste of me. i'm apparently destined for the upper rungs of the friends ladder.
~going to see She & Him next weekend. i'm stoked to finally see Zooey in person. it's not healthy, i know, but when i find a healthy relationship to substitute i'll end the obsession.

it's sad that my life can be summarized in 4 bullets, but w/e; i'm making the most of the cards i'm dealt.

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