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i wonder...did Judas sleep the night after?

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Apr. 6th, 2009 | 03:49 am

can't sleep. i feel like i just stabbed Sparty in the back and had to watch him die. a few hours ago i had championship tickets in my hand and now they're just covered in green sparty-blood. and all for a few pieces of silver. ugh.

i guess i could argue that i had no choice...but there's always a choice, right? either way tomorrow's game is ruined for me. if we win i'm just going to feel that much more guilty. and if we lose i'll feel like shit because that douchebag hansborough beat us AGAIN.

basically if you see me tomorrow you are fully within your right to dump a beer on my head and call party foul. i'll still be cheering sparta on...just from a distance (didn't Judas go to visit Jesus on the cross?)

Go Green


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