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May. 6th, 2010 | 01:43 am

i forgot how therapeutic writing in this could be, so i return during a particularly confusing time in my life. after quitting my job at the healthcare agency (big long story involving a miniature golf course, the FBI, and my tyrannical ex-boss) i made up my mind i'm going to leave michigan and get a fresh start somewhere else.

arizona was a bust so i decided on vegas. now i'm not so sure. my dad's been trying to talk me out of it (that sentence reads "talking sense to me" because i know how crazy it is). his reasoning: i have more support here than i realize and i'm going for all the wrong reasons. i'm starting to think he's right. i've always dreamed of packing up, driving off, and just starting a completely new life somewhere. but is my life here really that bad? i've got great friends and great family (the few of them i see anyway). maybe this was a dumb idea.

i dunno. i'm torn. part of me feels like long-term it would be the best thing for me even if it means making sacrifices in the short-term. but another part of me feels like i'm just running away from a situation that isn't nearly as bad as i've perceived in the past.

anyway, i guess the responsible thing would be to put it off until i'm certain i know it's what i want. i think i'll definitely keep it open as an option in the coming months, but for now i should wait.

i apologize to those of you i'd told i was leaving. i hate it when people say they're making these huge life-changing plans and then never follow through. i never wanted to be that guy, but now i am and i feel like a fool.

gah, anyway, i'm gonna try to write in this more to keep my head clear. read at your own risk - i can be pretty boring sometimes.

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